Moving in Timeless Space – Parvati Valley May 2021


16 MAY 2021 TO 23 MAY 2021

Hiking in the silent valleys of the Himalayas, we tune into our inner quietude and stillness.

At Unplugged Trails retreat with Rina and Vijay, we will spend the week with Day Hikes, Silent Walks, Meditation, Journaling, Reading, conversations and group discussions. Using activities as tools to reconnect to ourselves, we step back into our inner simplicity and surrender to mountain life.

Himalayas; the magnificent valleys, the long serpentine paths, the forest of massive deodar, pine and oak trees, the colourful diversity of flowers and birds, the wild rivers, the warmth of the Himachali people and the abode of countless sages, temples, mystical stories. Here the ancientness is so alive, no description does it justice unless you have walked these paths yourself.

Parvati Valley has long been our favourite valleys for hiking: it provides a perfect space for the yogi inside each of us. We will, among other things, explore the villages of Kalga, Pulga and Tulga; one of the days we will hike through the giant pine forest to a beautiful alpine meadow. Walking along the raging Parvati river up to Kheerganga is one of the most beautiful day hikes in Parvati Valley. Apart from these popular day hikes we will take you on some less travelled paths; our personal favourites.

The aim of Unplugged Trails is to stay present in the moment. So, during the meditation and hiking retreat, you may carry your mobile phone for taking pictures, but we ask that you keep it switched off when in company (on airplane mode). You are very welcome to bring any books that inspire you, for reading or sharing with the group. We will provide you with diaries to write your thoughts and insights in; a tool which gives you a chance to express yourself in your own unique way.

We will be staying in a simple but charming and clean Homestay in the village of Kalga. Hearty home-cooked vegetarian meals will be served, most days there will be packed lunch. Accommodation will be on double sharing basis.

Read about experience of Unplugged Hikers


  • Difficulty level: moderate (if you do regular cardio and strength exercise)
  • Retreat costs:
    • 23,000 INR (315USD) till15th February 2021 (double sharing)
    • 25,000 INR (343 USD) 15th February to15th March 2021 (double sharing)
    • 27,000 INR (370 USD) – 15th March to 1st May 2021. (double sharing)
    • (With international transfers, to avoid an extra charge on receipt, please tick the box indicating that the sender pays all transfer fees)
    • Single occupancy – 5,000 INR extra of above costs.
  • Cancellation policy: 50% refund between 20th April – 5th May 2021, no refunds are possible after last date. Full refund will be given in case of cancellation from our side due to Covid-19.
  • Costs include: the retreat package (7 local day treks, all guided meditation and activity sessions, accomodation on double sharing basis, vegetarian meals on all days, tea/coffee/ginger-lemon-honey, writing materials, preparation guidelines before the hike, booking guidelines [not booking amount] for transportation to and from Kalga)
  • The cost also includes training program for the hike where we help to prepare for the hike in terms of exercises (which starts few months before the hike), guidelines for which hiking gear to use, what to buy for your hike etc…
  • Not included: transport to and from Kalga, personal hiking gear, porters (if needed)
  • For Registered participants – 2 local practise hikes in Pune and 2 intro-walks in Denmark are Free
  • How does the group meet and travel? – During the local day hikes in Pune or on Zoom meetings you have a chance to knows us (Vijay and Rina) and also know your fellow travellers. The group meets at Chandigarh one day before (15.May), next day (16. May) the group travels together to Barsheini (10-12 hours drive) in a private car which can be booked by us. The travel cost can be shared and will be paid to the car company owner/ driver directly.

For more details, email –

Contact Rina on phone +91 9960969717

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