Experiences of Unplugged Hikers

Walking through unknown territory (outer and inner),
Discovering new things within and outwards, 
resurfaces deep emotions,
With each step up the hill shedding the inner load,
Unveiling my true self,
Absorbing the serene beauty around and the silence among the chaos,I
 found myself!
Journey from darkness to light.
 A life changing experience for me!”



The trip really helped me to practice meditation and body and mind strength. Walking in silent for an hour everyday made the mind calm and combining that with physical hard work made it “easier” to sit down at any time and meditate. I loved sitting on the ridge seeing the sky, the snow peaked mountains and the houses underneath us in the valley – it puts everything in perspective. I really liked starting the day with compassion meditation – it created a great set of for the day – and was with me the rest of the day as a focus point.

“People hike to challenge themselves physically, to enjoy being there, but for us it was really different I can say. Because day by day we were learning about ourselves and day by day our real being, our true subconscious story unfolded and we saw ourselves as clearly as water”

Ingrid Marie

“Unplugged Trails guided us through sessions of meditation, sharing each other’s experiences, talking our hearts out and all in all a sense of connection and healing at the deepest possible level”

“This trek had every ingredient – fun and frolic and deep introspection, loud laughter and weeping, a lot of talking and total silence”

Anurag Sood

“You know it doesn’t matter what your pace is, slow or fast, walking ahead or last. What matters is your experience, how close you become with yourself, the insight you get about yourself, and how you react to the situations you face. Unplugged Trails is all about learning about yourself. Being one with nature. Every step I took I felt I was being healed”


“Its inexpressible. Just gratitude to the mighty power which brought all of us under one roof and produced such healing energy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Unplugged Trails and entire group for creating a wonderful experience on this beautiful mountain, outside and inside”

Dr. Tushar

“This was my first time to Himalayas and I realized whatever I had read, seen, heard of them were just experiences and interpretation of someone else. One has to experience Himalayas personally to know them, understand them, connect with them. This hike helped me do that in a way that could never have happened if I had come as a regular tourist. I have become calmer, confident, nicer, more caring. I got connected to the nature in a very powerful way…


“Unplugged Trails takes you out of your comfort zone but not in a sense so as to make you feel uneasy or tired or afraid….instead it embraces you in the lap of nature with all of its beauty and it takes you to a different dimension altogether….one which forces you to pause to think about yourself, your priorities, the direction your life is taking and dimensions you might have never experienced before”
“Such opportunities are God sent and once in a life time and I’ll always remain indebted to Vijay and Rina for giving me a chance to experience the might of Mother Nature and the minuteness of my existence at the same time”

Dr. Anurag

“Before we could start our main trek, we were trained to get used to the high-altitude air and acclimatize ourselves, so we could cope”

“It was a healing experience for me to be able to witness the beauty of God’s creation with my extended family, to walk through the forest, bathe in the waterfalls and breathe the fresh air made me a new person”.

M. Memnon


“Unplugged Trails gave us preparation videos about the needed stuff, because proper preparation is a must. I was little apprehensive before the trek, but somehow, I could manage it properly and it was a life time experience that is beyond words…n all credit goes to our mentors and guides Vijay and Rina”

Dr. Shailesh

“Arrangements – High quality, well thought of, well planned. Perfect could not have been better. Had great food throughout the retreat, got homemade food most of the time, healthy, tasty and good quality. Wonderful, comfortable, clean, warm, very good hosts. Better than my expectation, there was a personal touch to everything”


“Walking through the forest and beside the river was an amazing experience.  Looking at the nearby mountains tops from this height makes u feel like you are in paradise. At night we were lucky to have a clear sky and be able to see the stars as we lay next to the camp fire soaking in the heat”

Dr. M. Memon


“It was very spiritual experience for each one of us.


“Silent walk: this is the walk I enjoyed a lot. I was walking in this beauty without saying a single word and your mind starts chattering and you realize what the hell is going inside, but then after some time everything stops, only beauty inside and outside”

Dr. Tushar

“I liked the meditation sessions and group talks. Meditation sessions helped me relax while group talks were fun as a group”


“That at morning we began with an hour of silent walk, listening  to the winds, seeing the  woods, feeling the surrounding, observing my thoughts, and trying to keep the mind still….it was beautiful…it was like I had not been in silence ever…it was healing within….it is like we have never tried to hear our inner self  before”

Dr. Ganava

A couple of weeks have passed since the hike and I am still meditating everyday and feeling calmer and prioritizing not to have such a busy life in general. I have made a lot of effort to keep doing physical exercise because it just makes me fell so much better and happier.

Ingrid Marie

“Writing freely in my diary about my personal experience, helped me to understand my inner depth. Sharing our personal experiences every day and listening to others, also makes you realize your own issues, which once realized made you feel like: OMG, I am revolving around the same experience in different situations.

Dr. Patwa

“We became aware of the collective energy and how we reflect each other’s energy and can learn from each other’s life….so sharing after a walk is really necessary”

“Sharing the experience with others who came on Unplugged trails was really fascinating. I realized how we all had the same handful of stories to tell….”


“The personal attention we got touched me the most. Apart from this the trails were very unique, and we saw nature so closely. The meditation, stories and talks made all exhaustion disappear and the hike more exciting. The most important lesson I learnt from the hike is that wherever the trail stops, look for another trail and I will find the way. Another important lesson I learnt is to focus on overall improvement rather than fixing one particular thing.”

“All of  the tools were helpful but for me group talks, meditation and Dattatray stories were really amazing. I learnt meditation and plan to build on this. From the stories I would try to imbibe the qualities of mountain and the little boy.”

Anurag S.

“This was my first hike and I did not come with preconceived notions. I loved the personal attention, choice of the trails and simplicity of the process. The trails challenged me while still offering adequate breaks. It helped me realise my personal limits and capacity to overcome my limitations. Being in nature cleared my thinking” The realisation that we can live with much less and still be happy, was the most touching part. I feel I can go much beyond what I think is possible

Mr. Kumar

“It was different than any of the hikes I have done before. Three things made all the difference, carrying your own bags, remoteness of the trails and altitude. It tested my capabilities to the fullest and I feel more confident about future hikes”

Mr. Sinha

“Vijay carrying my bag touched me the most. The team: I was always the last person, but the second last person always saw to it that I was in sight. Ingrid and Rina were there to lend me a hand whenever they thought I would need one. Right now I am enjoying the place, the people, my belief that 99.99 percent people are good has become stronger. My confidence has increased. I think I will be more focused and take things as they come rather than worry”


I had a wonderful trip! The Himalayas are so beautiful and just make you go quiet inside. Also The people living in small villages on the mountain, taking care of the cows, carrying huge pills of grass and wood and always smiling at us and welcoming us was a great experience. I think that was one of the most touching experiences when we reached Bambola and the whole village greeted us and made the most wonderful meal for us. They treated us like family. Actually everywhere we stayed I felt so welcome and at home. It was also very touching to see my fellow participants faces of surprise, proud and happiness when they could look to a mountain top and say that they actually climbed that.

Ingrid Marie

“To connect with myself, my surroundings, it made me realize my strengths and weakness, my willpower to keep going, not to give up. I asked for help and I got it. I got the energy from the mountains when we meditated in them. Meditation and silent walks appealed to me the most.”