Unplugged Trails

We are delighted to see you here.

Now…take a breath, pause and listen.

Unplugged Trails are Himalayan hiking and meditations retreats designed as a gentle but powerful path of reconnection to a simpler way of basic being.



“Himalayas! Jewel of India.

Himalayas, Treasure of the World.

Himalayas, the sacred Symbol of Ascent.”

Himalayas—Abode of Light
by Nicholas Roerich

Hiking in the Himalayas we were graced with an exciting discovery.

Unplugged Trails are conceived and facilitated by two people, who through their love of the mountains and long personal experience as hikers, teachers, meditators and therapists discovered something amazing; the potent combination of withdrawing into the sacred Himalayas for focused periods of hiking, silent walks, meditation, conversations, self inquiry and journaling, sparks rapid and deep transformation.

Switch Off. We provide you with an opportunity to simply step back and witness a transition towards pure peaceful awareness in yourself.

Embrace this simple challenge for your habits and preferences which mountain life will bring. Your kind of courage and love is a rare thing in the world today.

Say yes. Be unplugged.