Babaji – The Himalayan Sage


The People

Babaji- by Vijay

To remember the beautiful people I have met in the Himalayas I first need to remember Babaji; a Himalayan sage, a sadhu. But how do you remember someone whom you are unable to forget? How do you describe someone indescribable? I met him long ago on a high meadow by a sacred spring when the winter snow was melting and the Himalayan white back vultures were circling the peaks. I was twenty, he was in his thirties. He had long black dreads and fathomless eyes and walked barefoot and almost naked in the snow. For me it was like meeting Shiva.

My deep love for the Himalayas will never be possible to separate from my awe for Babaji’s wisdom and godlike presence. It was this love, this longing that after many years lead me back to the Himalayas where, after sitting for some years by guru’s feet and subsequently searching for Babaji, that I finally found him again. Babaji then told me that I had never left. He told me that that he had also met his own guru by the sacred spring where I had met him many years before. He said that when he met his guru, he also thought that he met Shiva.

So now I go and sit in his humble hut, in his presence, in his silence full of wisdom and words full of space. I ask for his blessing before our retreats. He is in some way our third partner. He is the one who is always awake, guiding us along the paths of unfolding awareness. His is the one who holds our hand as we walk on this endless road. Jai Guru Dev.


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