About us

Unplugged Trails was conceived by the magic combination of our undying love of the mountains, our profession of aiding people regaining health, and our deep appreciation of the power of observing oneself.

Now, as mountain guides, meditations teachers, and facilitators of self-enquiry, we are offering you the opportunity to share this unique experience with us.

Vijay, born in Denmark, he grew up on a Biodynamic farm, he has lived around the world. A practising homeopath, an avid traveller, a Himalayan hiker, he is a writer, a painter and a meditator. He has studied meditation and Adwait Philosophy in Kullu, and is an IMI certified teacher of meditation, philosophy and self-inquiry. He is also teaching and conducting research in Homoeopathy. He worked as a facilitator of cultural and historical journeys in Egypt, and retreats and seminars in Denmark. For him Unplugged Trails is the means to give the best of what he has learned, to create a dynamic multifaceted approach to awareness, health, introspection, and creative expression.

Rina, Born and brought up in Pune, a homeopath by profession, teaching, practising, researching in the field of homeopathy. Believing in a holistic way of treating an individual she is been practicing and teaching homeopathy, yoga and meditation. She has also worked in the field of Body Posture and Body Ergonomics. She has been learning meditation, learning Indian Classical Music, avid reader, traveler, hiker. For the love of mountains especially the Himalayas, she started to trek few years back, and it has changed her as a person in many ways. Inspired by her personal transformation through her travels in the Himalayas she intends to help others into this journey of just being. More about Rina here – https://linktr.ee/rinadedhiya

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