The Concept

Hiking, Silence, Introspection, Breathing exercises, Writing and Guided Meditation, as well as Spoken Words.

Unplugged Trails brings to you a unique and effective combination of tools that build awareness and allow you to reconnect.

Read about the tools to reconnect below

In the eternal Himalayas we go completely offline to and let go of preoccupations with other times and other places.

Unplugged Trails is an opportunity for you to observe yourself, challenge your habits and step into a space for growth and insights.

In small and intimate groups, we follow seldom-trodden paths, staying overnight in simple mountain accommodation and sometimes high-altitude camps.

In this quest for clarity, your contribution is who you truly are, fuelled in equal parts by your courage and your openness.

Your fitness level makes a difference. In the mountains the freedom and enjoyment depends on your ease of movement. When you decide to come on this adventure with us, now is the time to start running, cycling, hiking, dancing…just move. We offer a variety of hikes, from beginner to advanced, but for all hikes it is important to get in shape BEFORE the hike. Write to us for personal advice.

Tools to Reconnect

Silent Walks

When was the last time you were simply quiet in company of silent people?

On Unplugged Trails there will be daily periods of Silent Walking. This effortless exercise brings personal awareness about our relationship with words, thoughts, and silence.

Whether naturally tongue-tied or loquacious, walking as an unspeaking group of observers through the wordless landscape, can awake an alertness or peacefulness. This mobile meditation may be provoking or soothing, or both.


Observe that in you which watches the world and your mind. Consider the miracle of being aware of awareness itself.

Meditation is a retreat from time and space. It can be done in your own pace or with others.

On Unplugged Trails we will introduce you to various meditation techniques and tools; walking meditation, compassion meditation, pranayam, mantras, chanting, meditation on “nothingness”, on your own centre of awareness.

Adjusting to mountain weather, the rhythm of the day and the wishes of the participants, it may happen before breakfast, at mid-hike or in the evening.

Fireside Talks

An open space of acceptance, sharing and non-judgment. A way of processing the impact of life and of Unplugged Trails,

After a long day moving through mighty nature, we settle down in the sheltering darkness by a campfire, a fireplace, or a ring of candles.

Maybe we sit for a while in silence, digesting food, or impressions. This space of togetherness opens up space for sharing memories, experiences, reflection, songs, chanting, havans (fire rituals)…

Perhaps someone teaches us a song or reads passages from his or her journal. One day a story might be shared and spark other stories. 

Another evening personal insights or experiences bubble up, or jokes swirl around us. An instrument enters.

Campfire talks are as much about listening as about talking. It is a free flow between fellow explores. 

Introspective Writing

When walking in silence or in conversation, unplugged from the onslaught of random information, a space will be cleared where your basic nature speaks to you.

This is a time to just listen.

What you receive can be uplifting, and it can be challenging.

Putting pen to paper and noting down thoughts, memories, observations, questions and perhaps answers, is a way to communicate with the knower in you.

This can take any form that attracts you; diary, letters, poetry, travelogue, dreams, free flow, philosophy, or sketching. You may share parts with the group or just keep it to yourself.

Writing for yourself with no other purpose but expression, can open a doorway into the magic of your personal way with words.

Tune into the rhythm of the intimate language of your life, through journaling on Unplugged Trails