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The Himalayan Yogi by Rina

“Vijay” his guru gave him this name when he successfully hiked to the sacred Mantalai Lake in tough weather conditions, always keeping his mind on the purity of just being, without identifying with a particular name, particular country or taking up any particular identity. You can feel an expanded sense of freedom when you are around Vijay, almost like how you would feel when looking at the vast mountain peaks from a high-altitude meadow.

All his life Vijay has been visiting India, when I first met him he had been here since 5 years meditating in Himachal Pradesh and learning non-dual philosophy. For a person who has travelled the world, lived in many countries, his love for India, its culture, its people and the devbhoomi (Land of Gods) Himalayas made me feel proud of being an Indian myself. He is more Indian than any Indian I have ever known.

The very first time he came across as a hard task master, meticulous about hiking, the right kind of equipment, the technique of hiking, the timing etc. I was with a group of Homoeopaths and all of us had little experience of hiking, a friend invited Vijay to join us, just one day before the trek Vijay visited our group. We did a practise hike together; there he gave us a list of instructions for our upcoming trek. The next day it rained for 7-8 hours all the time while we climbed uphill. He had just accompanied us because he was invited but if it hadn’t been for him, his precautions and instructions half of us wouldn’t have survived!

We then organised a hike for another group the next year and we met again to plan the trek, there was an instant connection and I felt a certain offloading taking place in me after I spoke to him. It is the space he emanates that makes you feel light and happy.

I have walked with him on various treks ever since, be it with the group or just the both of us. The way he talks about the mountains, every path, every turn. He would point at a certain tree and describe its elegance. He would wait by a stream just to hear the water flowing. While walking he would stop to appreciate the beauty of the view and he would sit gazing at the peaks and talk how the path turned and opened to which valley, which village, which mountain range lies ahead, which peak is visible at the far distance and how he wished to live there, as if he had been walking the mountain path forever for many lives.

The thin mountain air makes Vijay feel alive. He appreciates the simplicity of life which he sees in the local mountain people. Listening to him and walking with him, my love for the Himalayas has deepened. His guidance and support has strengthened the explorer in me.

Every trek we organise I have seen the same passion, perfection and detailing that makes one feel safe and taken care of during the hiking retreats.

Our deeper experiences, our love for the mountains, our longing for the highest truth, and our connection made us bring Unplugged Trails to life. Our only aim is that we could share the insights, lessons and appreciation for life with everyone as we meditate and walk the sacred mountains.

With him one can listen to silence, one can see his kindness, care and compassion, his free will, his love, his open hearted sharing, his desire to remain free, free of conditions, to be able to remain untouched by impurity to remain like the pure lotus in full bloom.

Deepest gratitude for being the way you are!

Love Rina

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