Returning to Clarity

23rd to 28th April 2023. A meditation and hiking retreat in Himachal Pradesh, India

Meet the joy of walking gentle paths, slowing down, taking a reflective pause and returning to basic being. As you deeply listen to your body and mind, inner wisdom, ease and calm arise naturally. Join Dr. Rina Dedhiya as you step back into observation and pleasant awareness.

Move through the sacred mountains, be touched by love, the majestic Himalayan landscape offers you. Being in the alpine forests, himalayan sunshine, breathing crisp mountain air you taste expansion and freedom within. Join unplugged trails in this immersive experience.

We walk in silent contemplation with a small group of 10-12 like minded fellow travellers and soak in the beauty of Himalayan Spring. Unplugging from our daily routine, we spend our days in self enquiry through hiking, meditation, chanting, contemplative writing, reading, journaling, fire side talks, story telling and more. These activities help to align your mind and body and guide you to reconnect to your higher self.

Our special retreat destination is a village placed at the backdrop of the Great Himalayan National Park in Sainj Valley. Join us in this journey to meet you, embody your peace and joy. Learn to develop conscious habits and self care regime that would help you in your day to day life and return to clarity. 

Retreat Details

Hiking Difficulty Level – Easy

Age Group – 16yrs to 60 yrs (kindly note there is no medical emergency service)

Group Size – 10-12

Registrations begin December 2022

It is mandatory to attend 3 online orientation sessions for you to be able to attend the retreat. The sessions will happen on 10th March, 20th March and 10th April 9pm to 10 pm IST.

Rs.20,000/- (double occupancy if remaining amount paid by 27th December 2022)

Rs. 23.000/- (double occupancy if remaining amount paid by 10th March 2022)

Rs. 25000/- (double occupancy if remaining amount paid by 10th April 2022)

Rs. 18,000/- (dormitory of 4, if remaining amount booked by 10th March 2022)

First instalment – Rs. 10,000/- (from the above charges) is non-refundable deposit to secure your place, remaining amount can be paid by the dates and plan as mentioned above.

Retreat costs include – Training sessions, hiking guides, guided meditation and dialogue sessions. Guidelines for packing/hiking gear, accommodation, drinks and vegetarian meals on all days, from Lunch on 23rd April to Breakfast on 28th April 2023. Journal and writing material.Assistance with Chandigarh accommodation and transport not the cost of staying and transport from Chandigarh.

Does not include – Personal equipment.  Accommodation/ travel / food etc before arriving in village homestay and after the departing from village. Personal porter charges, if you can’t carry your own bags then we can provide you with porters at an extra fee

You have an option of travelling with the group from Chandigarh. You need to reach Chandigarh by your preferred mode of travel, bus, train, flight a day prior that is 22nd of April. The group leaves Chandigarh early morning at 6am. The travel to the valley will take 6-8hours. During the return journey also the group leaves around noon on the 28th for Chandigarh. The charges incurred during this travel will be extra. Unplugged Trails provides facility to organise the travel for the group if required.

Cancellation Policy – Apart from the non-refundable deposit, full amount will be refunded upto 10 days before the retreat.

Full refund will be provided in case of cancellation from our side due to legal Corona restrictions or any other reason. Please know you will have to follow travelling guidelines whatever is applicable at that time.

For Registration and payment details
Contact Dr. Rina +919960969717
 Email - 

Things you should keep in mind during the retreat

If you have a major health concern it is best to ask permission from your physician before travelling.

Since major part of our day (between 10am to 5pm) will be spent outdoors, we will have packed lunch. We request you to kindly bring tiffin boxes to carry your own packed lunch. At Unplugged Trails we make special efforts to travel consciously, avoiding plastic and be conscious of littering, spitting around etc. Tobacco chewing, smoking, drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited during the retreat.

We all are unique beings, we have our individual preferences and sensitivities, everyone is requested to provide a non-judgmental space to fellow participants. Giving each other space and freedom will help you to develop deeper connections and make your journey smooth and insightful.

This retreat is not a Himachal tour or a holiday, if you are not interested in meditation, journaling, silence and discussions this retreat has very little to offer you. Being an experiential retreat, it is ideal for solo travellers as it provides ideal space to work on yourself and take a break from your hectic life. We prefer to make minimum use of technology, there is a possibility for digital detox.

The practises and activities during this retreat can be used to built a routine self care regime. These have found to be of immense benefits for all Unplugged participants.

You can access free activities facilitated by Unplugged trails on their Instagram, Facebook and Youtube handle. We have 21day meditations, 7days Journaling, 21 days reading sessions which can help you to get used to the concept of Unplugged Trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe for solo women travellers? – Yes it is absolutely safe for women solo travellers
  2. Can you provide itinerary and packing list? – Detailed day wise itinerary and packing list will be provided by 10th of March for registered participants
  3. Do you provide travel tickets/bookings? No travel ticket bookings of any kind are not provided by us
  4. Can children travel? Anyone above age of 16yrs with an interest in meditation, journaling, drawing, walking, sitting still can join the hike
  5. Do you provide student discounts? Yes on special request we do
  6. Should I carry extra food? Yes you can carry snacks, dry fruits extra food as you like for munching in between meals
  7. Is there a shopping day during the retreat? No there is no shopping day during the retreat. We would live in a mountain village so chances of shopping are very less. You can plan your own shopping time after the retreat when you are on your own
  8. Will there be free time during the retreat? Yes
  9. Is Jain food available during the retreat? No jain food is not available. Non-vegetarian food is not a part of the retreat, since we are trying to introduce you to a stavic lifestyle.
  10. How much Hiking experience do I need to join this retreat? No you do not need any hiking experience to join this retreat. However preparing your body before the retreat is a must so that you can really enjoy the whole experience fully.

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