Rina, by Vijay

How to describe Rina in these few lines?

Let me begin with something simpler, Rina and I share our belief in the magical human potential for unfolding serenity and wisdom.

To me, no-one exemplifies this as Rina does.

When I first met Rina, I was accompanying a group of colleagues on a three-day hike in terrible weather. They were all strangers to me. Everyone was struggling though determined to make it to the top, but some had to turn back. Falling, sliding, and crying out, becoming covered in mud and soaked, Rina never lost her spirit. We arrived after two days at the high-altitude sacred meadow of Chandrakhani Mata and all spontaneously collapsed into meditation by the ancient stone sanctuary of the goddess.

I did not get a chance to speak with, her as she was mostly in the back and I was in the front, but a seed must have been planted.  

The following year we were in touch; I in the Himalayas, she in the city. We were co-organisers of another hike for our colleagues. In the spring they all came and again, after a grueling ascend, now lead by a steadfast and surefooted Rina, we found ourselves on a another high and freezing nighttime meadow, by a blazing bonfire under the stars. Surrounded by majestic snowcapped mountains and in the company of Shiva, the whole group was gripped by something. We all laughed, sang, cried, and shared our deepest sentiments. This time it seems like an old and unknown connection between Rina and I was rekindled. The subsequent birth of Unplugged Trails became an excuse for us to walk along as companions on the path of spiritual enquiry and growth. The mountains are our guru.

For me, witnessing the beautiful transformation of Rina as we, to our own utter surprise, co-created Unplugged Trails, has solidified my belief that we are doing something worthwhile with our hiking and meditation retreats. Her unfolding, her going from strength to strength, physically, mentally and spiritually is a constant reminder of the power of challenging yourself. This fullness of being was surely latent in her when we first met. Now it is blossoming and enriching herself and anyone who can see it.


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